Participants said the following about their time: 

"This program is absolutely great and I really enjoyed it. I did develop a general knowledge of European Union and I've discovered a real aspect of German tutoring method. The tutor Michael and Michel were both so very kind and inspiring."

"Personally I found the program very very helpful on reforming my ideas on politics in EU."

"A lot of useful insights were provided throughout the program as well as different views on the same current world affairs. I would strongly recommend this program to any students regardless of his/her academic background."

"I thought that the teachers and staff were excellent, friendly, well informed in there perspective areas and spoke excellent English. The special speakers were a nice change of perspective and really interesting, especially the Simulation. I found the content of the course interesting and well related to current issues and our various backgrounds. I really did enjoy the excursions. Overall I really enjoyed the course and my time in Munich."

Students who need first hand information about the program are able to contact the participants from our previous courses.

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