European Studies

'The European Union in Crisis: Analysing the past, the present and the future of European cooperation'

Disagreement on how to deal with crises in Europe’s eastern and southern neighbourhood, on the handling of refugee flows from the Middle East as well as the still looming sovereign debt crisis seem to show the limits of European consensus and solidarity. 

Time and again, national particularities appear at odds with the common interests. Domestically, public opinion has become less favourable with regard to European cooperation than it had been in the past, with the United Kingdom having decided to exit the Union. Internationally, the EU is triggered to re-consider its global role given the current US administration’s isolationist tendencies. 

Against this background, the Winter School analyses the past, the present and the future of European cooperation. Seminar sessions will be held. The classes are based on an interdisciplinary approach and combine different methodologies such as lectures, round-table discussions, group-work and students' presentations.